LIMU interaction dataset

The LIMU interaction dataset is captured by us in an indoor scenario. The dataset contains nine interaction categories: hand clap, hand shake, hug, hand over, kick, pull, punch, push and touch shoulder. Each category is acted by 10 pairs of participants for two times. Since we consider the positive action may be done by the left participants or the right participants, we provide the data in two situations. Among the 10 samples, the left participants do positive action in the first 5 samples, while the right participants do positive actions in the following 5 samples. The interaction data are captured with a resolution of 640×480 pixels, generally 50~170 frames per interaction item.

We provide these interaction data in two forms, frame sequences and videos. Frame sequences are laid in the folder of "image-interaction", each subfolder corresponding with one interaction. In the fold of "video-interaction", one video contains one interaction, total 90 video samples.

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