Final program

Opening 10:00-10:05

WS1 10:05-11:05
Chair: Jean Martinet (University of Lille, France)

Matching Corresponding Points from Unannotated Images with Bayesian Methods
Miika Toivanen, Jouko Lampinen
Real-time Dense and Accurate Parallel Optical Flow using CUDA
Julien Marzat, Yann Dumortier, Andre Ducrot
Depth Estimation from Multi-view Sources Based on Full Search and Total Variation Regularization
Carlos Vázquez, Wa J. Tam
Break (11:05-11:20)
WS2 11:20-12:20
Chair: Carlos Vázquez (Communication Research Centre Canada, Canada)
Registration of Medical Volume Images and Its Visualization using VTK
Wanhyun Cho, Sunworl Kim, Myungeun Lee, Junsik Lim, Jonhhyun Park, Soonyoung Park, Changbu Jeong
Structure from Motion for Omni-directional Images using Efficient Factorization Method Based on Virtual Camera Rotation
Ryota Matsuhisa, Shintaro Ono, Hiroshi Kawasaki, Atsuhiko Banno, Katsushi Ikeuchi
Combinatorial Optimization for Fitting of Digital Line and Plane
Rita Zrour, Yukiko Kenmochi, Hugues Talbot, Ikuko Shimizu, Akihiro Sugimoto
Lunch (12:20-13:50)
WS3 13:50-15:10
Chair: Toru Tamaki (Hiroshima University, Japan)
Suspicious Object Detection Based on Appearance Frequency in Surveillance Videos
Keiko Sato, Naoko Nitta, Yoshimichi Ito, Noboru Babaguchi
Detection of Multiple Subevents in Space and Time for Video Analysis
Alexia Briassouli, Ioannis Kompatsiaris
On the Search Window Updating for Occlusion Handling in Object Tracking Applications
Mohammad Khansari, Hamid R. Rabiee, Mohammad H. Rohban, Mohammad Ghanbari
Human Identification in Surveillance Video Based on Tracking via Camera Footage and ID Updating via RFID Systems
Daisuke Nakashima, Yoshimichi Ito, Naoko Nitta, Noboru Babaguchi
Break (15:10-15:40)
WS4 15:40-16:40
Chair: Ioannis Kompatsiaris (Informatics and Telematics Institute, Greece)
A Hybrid Pre-classification and Post-classification Technique to Derive Training Samples for One-pass Land Cover Change Mapping
Huang Zhi, Xiuping Jia
Curve-based Image Lightness Enhancement Algorithm
Chiun-Li Chin, Kun-Ching Wang, Shuo-Min Chiou
Polygon Approximation for Snake Initialization in Noisy Image
Din-Yuen Chan, Roy C. Hsu, Jia-Ci Jhuo, Bin-Wen Kao, Cheng-Tin Liu
Break (16:40-16:55)
WS5 16:55-17:55
Chair: Xiuping Jia (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Illumination Invariant Face Recognition using Normalized Gabor Features
Saleh Aly, Naoyuki Tsuruta, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi
Virtual Camerawork beyond Original Framing with Longshot Video Generation
Kouichi Asano, Naoko Nitta, Noboru Babaguchi
Gaze Based Quality Assessment of Visual Media Understanding
Jean Martinet, Adel Lablack, Stanislas Lew, Chabane Djeraba
Closing 17:55-18:00