ARTxT (Augmented Reality on TexT)

  1. Download source (prepared for visual studio 2010. Make a solution file and include the source for other versions)
  2. Set up OpenCV (2.0 or later) and OpenGL GLUT
  3. Add OpenCV headers and library paths in mylib/opencvpath.h
  4. Set up OpenMP (optional)
  5. Compile the source
  1. Prepare an English text document
  2. Prepare and plug a USB camera
  3. Run the software
  4. Capture a document from a top view
  5. Click 's' to watch binary images
  6. Find a good distance between the camera and the document to extract word regions (the distance is crucial)
  7. Click 's' again to close binary images
  1. Click 'f' to register a view (cross mark is overlaid) and remove the registered view
  2. Click 'c' to clear all views
  3. Click ESC to close the software
  1. Keypoint matching by locally likely arrangement hashing (LLAH)
  2. Multiple object retrieval (not include tracking)
  1. Use this software for only research (non-profit) purposes
  2. Feel free to email me for any questions
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Updated on Apr. 4, 2011.